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Export to Multiple Excel Worksheets

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Export to Multiple Excel Worksheets

Hello I am using SAS version 9.3 and EG version 5.1. I have seen some of the other posts about exporting to multiple worksheets in Excel, which I will try, but I'm not sure how to save the data to know what is per worksheet. I have a data set of patient data and I am running various data quality checks on it.  The required fields for each criteria may differ but I want each criteria to be its own Excel worksheet.  So do I save each criteria as its own dataset to be sent to Excel as a separate worksheet or do I create one dataset  with a column of "DQ flag" to identify the criteria the case matches?  Thanks.

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Re: Export to Multiple Excel Worksheets

Either works, I'd recommend a single dataset.

Having each data set is a manual process and having them all in one allows you to use the BY group processing.

See the Data driven sheet example and the manual multiple worksheet examples here:

Base SAS: Demo: ExcelXP Tagset and Microsoft Excel

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