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Export multiple file

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Export multiple file



i have some project where i have to export multiple files in my system,

but i am not able to understand the resolution which are available on community.


Please help me to provide simple Proc to export multiple file which are there in work lib.



Rohit Saxena

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Re: Export multiple file

Your post is not clear.  What have you tried?  What file format do you want the output to be in?  At a rough guess:

data _null_;

  set sashelp.vtable (where=(libname="WORK"));

  call execute('proc export data=work.'||strip(memname)|| outfile="c:\temp\'||strip(memname)||'.xls replace; run;');


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Re: Export multiple file

Your question is unclear. What format are you exporting to?
What files are you exporting, is it a single file to multiple files or multiple files to a single file or multiple files to multiple files? Are they all in the same library? Does that library contain any other files that don't need to be exported?
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