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Export Errors

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Export Errors

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I am attempting to export data to an Excel spreadsheet, however upon doing so the following error is posted to the log. Does anyone know how this can be solved? It did work yesterday.

Thank you.

957 Proc Export Data = SevProdSum
958 Outfile = '\\int\GroupData\RACQI\claims\mra\Dev\output\eventforecast\EventExperience TEMPLATE 3 Tier Sample.xls'
959 DBMS = Excel
960 Replace;
961 Sheet = Severity_Cat;
962 Run;

1 The SAS System 12:26 Friday, October 3, 2008

ERROR: Error attempting to CREATE a DBMS table. ERROR: Execute: Too many fields defined..

WARNING: File deletion failed for _IMEX_.SEVERITY_CAT.DATA.
NOTE: PROCEDURE EXPORT used (Total process time):
real time 0.32 seconds
cpu time 0.09 seconds

ERROR: Export unsuccessful. See SAS Log for details.
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Re: Export Errors

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When encountering this type errors/messages, I suggest that you first do a search on before you are entering a post.

If you have less columns than 256 in your SAS table, your problem is probably this:

If not, you should open a track to SAS tech support.

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