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Error while using PROC IMPORT - Access DB

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Error while using PROC IMPORT - Access DB

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proc import table='visit_bk' out=one dbms=access replace;

                   run this program i had got an error like below,

    ERROR: Unable to open file ?C:\Users\chandra\Desktop\DATA.mdb. It does not exist or it is already
opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view its data.

   it is run on sas 9.4 version on windows 10 os.

plz solve my problem.

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Re: i found an error for importing data

Make sure your path to the file is correct and that SAS can access that location. If you're using SAS EG on a server for example it may not have access to your local drive.


On Windows you can find the exact path by finding the file, holding down SHIFT and RIGHT CLICK. There will be an option called Copy as Path, and this will give you the full path. Make sure that no one is using the file when you try to import.

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Re: Error while using PROC IMPORT - Access DB

Another potential issue is that you are running in a server enviroment and the path "C:\users\chandra..." and the SERVER does not have that path and likely does not see your local drive at all. If this is the case you may need to use a different approach or find a location such as a shared network drive that the server can read from.

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