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Error terminate the Program but not SAS

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Error terminate the Program but not SAS


I am using SAS/CONNECT to log on to our LInux machine. I am using SAS 9.2.

I have the following code after a signon attempt to the UNIX machine:

**** Check the error conditon of the SIGNON command;
%macro checkit;
%if &syserr=0 %then %do;
%put SIGNON fine! Continue processing!;
%else %do;
%put >>>ERROR: SIGNON failed - RC=&syserr;
%put >>> Please check above for ERROR Description;
%mend checkit;


So what I want the program to do is to stop at the %ABORT, but not terminate SAS.

There is more data steps after the checkit macro so when I type in a wrong password it prints out the ERROR that I have for the put statements, but it continues trying to do the rest of the data steps, etc. If I put in ABORT ABEND it totally shuts down SAS.

How do I print out the ERROR and abort but also keep my PC SAS up so I can view the log?

Thanks, Nancy
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Re: Error terminate the Program but not SAS

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Yep, same old gap in the sas toolbox.

See for a dodgy workaround.
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