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Error: Read Access Violation in Task

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Error: Read Access Violation in Task

Hello forum,

I have been attempting to run a linear regression model using proc surveyreg and have been receiving the following error:

ERROR: Read Access Violation In Task [ SURVEYREG )
Exception occurred at (674CCD05)
Task Traceback
Address Frame (DBGHELP API VERSION 4.0 rev5)
! I've left out the memory locations that follow, but let me know if you need them !

This error has occurred for various surveyreg models on 2 windows xp pcs (one with 4 gigs of memory). Strangely enough, if I reinstall SAS, the models will run fine for one session. Once I start a new session and rerun the models, I receive the error. Additionally, I am able to run the models without problem on my University's UNIX server.

I searched online and found that a read access violation is not rare, but typically it occurrs for specific procedures (and I haven't found anyone having this problem with proc surveyreg).

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Error: Read Access Violation in Task

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Specifically with PROC SURVEYREG, you can get a read access violation if you list the same variable more than once in the CLASS statement (according to this SAS note):

If this is not your issue, then your best bet for help is to contact Tech Support and open a track with them.

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Re: Error: Read Access Violation in Task

Posted in reply to Cynthia_sas
Hello Cynthia,

Thank you for your reply. I did not use the class statement, so I guess this is not my issue. I should have provided this the first time, but an example of my model would be:

libname NCSresub 'C:\2_week symptoms\4_1';
data part1;
set NCSresub.part1;

proc surveyreg data=part1;
cluster clustr;
model f1p1imp = f1cogemo f2somat /adjrsq clparm;
strata str;
weight p1fwt;

I will contact Tech Support. Does anyone else have any suggestions given my model?


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