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Error Msg

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Error Msg

I am a fairly new SAS user and  I am working on a research project.  I downloaded what I thought was an SAS file and stored it on the server.  I also created a .sas7bdat file.  After completing the code and running in SAS, I get three errors

ERROR: Missing FMTNAME variable.

ERROR: Missing START variable.

ERROR: Missing LABEL variable.

Not sure what they mean or how to resolve so I can run my code.  Any suggestions?


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Re: Error Msg

It means that code you are running contains a line like this:

proc format cntlin=SomeDataset;

And the dataset does not contain the proper structure that PROC FORMAT is looking for.  Unfortunately, this is not a good place to begin learning SAS ... it's at least an intermediate-level topic.

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Re: Error Msg

Is there anything that can be done to remedy this?  I downloaded a .dat file.  I was able to convert to two .sas7bdat.


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