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Error Assigning a Library

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Error Assigning a Library

Hello, I am extremely new to SAS and I am trying to learn how to use it. I am running SAS Studio University Edition through virtual box with very little success. I followed these steps and I am able to access the program just fine, but I am having no luck when trying to assign libaries.

Whenever I attempt to define

libname example1 'C:\Users\<User>\Desktop\SASUniversityEdition\myfolders\data';

I get an error saying library example1 does not exist. Could someone please help me out?

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Re: Error Assigning a Library

How do I create my own SAS library?  Please post questions for UE in the UE area.

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Re: Error Assigning a Library

Did you made sure that the "data" folder exist in "myfoldrs" folder physically?

Libname Statement create a short reference to your folder it will not create one for you.

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