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ETL Process Code order problem

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ETL Process Code order problem

I have create a few months ago an ETL process. Because of a problem in that process I have change it, and after that operation everytime I run the process for the first time I receive the error:

Error: File (...) does not exist

By watching the Source Code of the Job I discover that the error was caused by two transformations in the wrong order of the code. Because of that the WORK tables created by those transformations aren't created at the right time.
I think that the code was generated like that because they are parallel transformations and I didn't’t have the parallel processing capability ON in the job properties.

Can anyone help me please? I try to generate again the code but I can put those transformations in the right place.
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Re: ETL Process Code order problem

Recommend sharing code and also SASLOG output in your post to help gain insight on your problem. You will want to turn on SOURCE SOURCE2 and also MACROGEN (to start, then consider SYMBOLGEN if needed).
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Re: ETL Process Code order problem

Rather than posting code here, I'd recommend contacting SAS Tech Support. If you are using SAS ETL Studio or the new SAS DI Studio, then a lot of your code is generated automatically from the process flows that you build.

If there is any kind of issue with the code that DI Studio (or ETL Studio) is generating, then the right place to go is Tech Support.

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Re: ETL Process Code order problem

In cases like this, it would be great to have screen shot on your job together with some descriptions, but we can't.
But I'm not sure if this has to do with parallel capabilities. It is a common problem/mistake not to have transformations/outputs properly connected to each other in the expected execution order. This is most common if you create tables "behind the scene", that is, they are not visible as objects in the process flow. If you have such objects, you might need to connect your transformations with a "Dummy" transformation that does nothing, just makes sure that your code is executing in the proper order.


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Re: ETL Process Code order problem

Thank you for your answers. I decided to send my problem do technical support. It seems that it was a SAS Data Integration Studio Bug that was solved using the HOTFIX 34DATABLDR09.

It really take care of my problem, all the processes that I change or create since the HOTFIX work without that problem.

André Silva
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