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ERROR faced in SAS Data Integration Studio 3.4

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ERROR faced in SAS Data Integration Studio 3.4


ERROR: File STG_SEAB.PU_NAME cannot be updated because its encoding does not match the session encoding or the file is in a format
native to another host, such as HP_UX_64, RS_6000_AIX_64, SOLARIS_64, HP_IA64.

Have anyone seen this error before?

Previously my job can run succesfully.

Now because of this error, my job ended up with error(s).

Do anyone know how to sovle this error?


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Re: ERROR faced in SAS Data Integration Studio 3.4

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This webpage I found using the SEARCH facility at the SAS support website mentions the CEDA (cross-environment data access) limitations and also version-migration (to include different OS platforms) considerations.

You will need to investigate your own SAS operating environment (server or local) and the origin of your SAS database(s) to determine if the contents were created on a different SAS-environment OS platform. What SAS is telling you is that the file you are attempting to access was likely created on a SAS system installed in a different OS platform environment -- only you can determine this fact through investigation, but it's likely that you will need to figure out the problem cause.

For the purpose of "transport" to a different CEDA-compatible OS platform, SAS provides a "transport format" file structure making its database files compatible for transfer between operating platforms. So if you intend to "move SAS application processing" to a different OS, there are definitely migration considerations which are also discussed at the SAS support website. The webpage below has several links to relevant topic-oriented articles and SAS-hosted documentation.

Scott Barry
SBBWorks, Inc.

MIGRATION - CEDA (cross-environment data access) topic:
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