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EFA for complex survey designs

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EFA for complex survey designs


I'm wondering how I can incorporate the sampling design into an exploratory factor analysis (EFA) using SAS?  I've located an article which apparently is able to accomplish this, but I'm not 100% sure how to achieve. 

The article is "Dietary Patterns associated with risk factors for cardiovascular disease among healthy US adults", Am J Clin Nut, 2003;78:1103–10.

The authors state "The analysis was conducted by using FACTOR PROCEDURE in SAS. To account for the complex survey design of NHANES III, a correlation matrix was created from the weighted data on the 35 food groups after the variance was pooled within the sample strata by using PROC GLM in SAS. Next, a data step was performed to read the correlation matrix directly into FACTOR PROCEDURE in SAS. The factors were orthogonally transformed by using varimax rotation to achieve a structure with independent (nonoverlapping) factors".

Unfortunately, no methods were referenced here!

Any help would be most appreciated

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