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Does SAS can execute other program ?

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Does SAS can execute other program ?


I'd like to know wether SAS can execute a program ?

I work on IBM MVS, and I'd like my SAS program to execute a TELON program.

Does anybody know how to that ?

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Re: Does SAS can execute other program ?

you're lucky to be on that platform
( well maybe ;-) )

if you can allocate the ddnames that TELON needs as filename statements, then [pre] PROC TELON ;
will run that external program.
If it writes an external file, when that PROC TELON finishes, you can parse that output in a data step, like [pre] data got_IT;
infile sysprint truncover ;
input @'required string' foundit $char100. ;
Alternatives exist. However, I found it very useful for PROC FTP, and an easy test should be IEBGENER.

Of course one gotcha:
Your TELON will need DDNAMES already in use by a normal SAS session. Fortunately there are ways to start SAS with unusual ddnames, like the SYSIN=SASIN option which directs SAS to read statements from DDNAME SASIN.

Good Luck

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