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Differences in output (confirmatory factor analysis)

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Differences in output (confirmatory factor analysis)

Dear all,

I am running an identical confirmatory factor analysis in SAS 9.2. on different computers. What I found out is that I obtain different SAS-output depending on the computer on which I am doing my analysis. It is possible that different releases of SAS version 9.2. causes my problem?

What I see is that the output is structured in a different way and tables have other names. The most important differences between both outputs which I have found are different values for AIC and CAIC, different representation of Lagrange multipliers (not Phi, Gamma and Beta) and t-values which are also represented for the standardized factor loadings. Does anyone know what's the cause of these differences?
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Re: Differences in output (confirmatory factor analysis)

You would have to specify which proc you are using and with which parameters. The following may or may not be relevant:

If you run PROC TCALIS (experimental) using the FACTOR statement to run an exploratory factor analysis, the Standardized Rotated Factor Loading Matrix and the Rotated Factor Correlation Matrix might be incorrect if you specify ROTATE= a rotation that is oblique. (The problem affects oblique rotations only - orthogonal rotations are not affected.)

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