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Delete Cube

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Delete Cube

I have a cube and I want to refresh it with new data so I have a script with two proc olap's that runs when we get updated data
one does a delete_physical, the other recreates the cube.

My problem is that if a user has a open session I cannot delete the cube, is there a way to force a cube delete or to kill all Olap server sessions that are using that cube???

Mind that I'm using SAS 9.1.3,so no proc olapoperate, and I don't have permission to shutdown the olap server :\

Thaks for your help
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Re: Delete Cube

A work around is to create the cuba in another schema and when its built swap schema to the new one.

The old one in used in the next update...
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Re: Delete Cube

I have same problem in SAS 9.1.3. My decision is to delete cube physically (using FAR) from server file system, then he recreates successfully.
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Re: Delete Cube

I am quite not sure about 9.1.3 . but in OLAP cube studio right click the particular cube and then select disable option. Then try to delete physical cube option.

I hope it will work.

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