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Default Print Destination

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Default Print Destination

Hi All:

Someone asked me this question today and I was unable to answer him.

How do you automatically print SAS procedure output in a non-Windowing environment?

I know that in batch (I'm most familiar with z/OS with JES2) you simply point the output to SYSOUT=* (or whatever your print class) in the JCL and the output magically ends up on a printer.

This user has converted a z/OS batch job to run on a SAS server and now wants the output (reports) to be on the printer when they come in in the morning. The job gets auto scheduled to run overnight.

My first thought was to create a file with the report in it then issue a UNIX or DOS print command from within the SAS code, but that seems to be the long way to do this.

And ideas?
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Re: Default Print Destination

Started here with a Google advanced search:

printing sas output

That discussion led me to this search:

routing printer output windows companion

Which led me (for Windows OS) to this document and discussion sections:

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Re: Default Print Destination

For Unix printing, refer to this document: (see specifically page 25/26 with examples of FILENAME and PRINTERPATH)
or this older document:
information about universal printing in z/OS:
or (look at chapter 6 )

Or, if you are using ODS, then you might investigate ODS PRINTER with the PRINTER= option to route output directly to a printer:

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