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Date difference

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Date difference

Can something like the following be done in SAS?

if days(date1 - date2) = 200 then do....end

     (i.e. if # days difference is 200 then perform a task.

Similarly for months or years.

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Re: Date difference

Try intck to calculate number of days/months between two dates.

if intck('day',date1,date2) = 200 then do  /* for days */

if intck('month',date1,date2) = 200 then do  /* for months */

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Re: Date difference

Assuming Date1 and Date2 are SAS dates would the following not work?

If (Date1 - date2) eq  200 then Do ;

end ;

For the months and years the Intck function woudl work as shown by stat@sas. Of course, we have not yet talked about 'alignment' on months and years!

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Re: Date difference

I would replace the if statement by if ABS(date1 - date2) eq 200 then Do; because we do not know what date is more recent.

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