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Data Intergration Studio - Importing .XLS

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Data Intergration Studio - Importing .XLS

Afternoon Everyone,

I'm hoping that some enlightened soul will be able to help with my issue.

I'm importing a .XLS file into Data Intergration Studio via the wizard for external files, but am falling over at the "Set Delimiter" stage.  From the SAS help/web site I can see that it should be able to do this, however I'm failing to understand wha to set as the delimiter.

Any suggestions, as I'd prefer not to write custom code to preform this task, or force my users to convert to .csv format, as I think that adding an extra step to convert to an .csv file is beyond most of them.

I understand that this may be asking for the impossible and thats the point of user written code but ny help greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


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Data Intergration Studio - Importing .XLS

I've never used DI studio, but presume it uses proc import.  If so, Excel won't be an option to import unless you also license SAS Access interfact to PCFiles.  If not, but also depending upon your license, you may be able to use proc import, directly, using the xls engine.

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Data Intergration Studio - Importing .XLS

Thanks Art, that what I was expecting, but thought I'd ask anyway.

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Data Intergration Studio - Importing .XLS

The best way I know is to export the excel-file to and csv-file.

There is no importtransformation for excel-import. You have to hand code the excel-import.

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Re: Data Intergration Studio - Importing .XLS

Try to use   '09'x  


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