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DDE Error

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DDE Error

Hi ,

I am getting an error while exporting an data using DDE. The steps taken to resolve this issue:
1. Opened an new sas session
2. Closed the excel sheet and ran the program.
3. Opened the excel sheet & minimized and ran the program

But still am getting an error as below,
ERROR: DDE session not ready.
FATAL: Unrecoverable I/O error detected in the execution of the data step program.Aborted during the EXECUTION phase.

Please let me know how to resolve this ERROR.

Thanks in Advance
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Re: DDE Error

If you search (at on the exact error message "DDE session not ready" you will come up with many hits on possible causes for this message.

Alternately, if you have an urgent need for Tech Support, you can open a track with Tech Support by filling out the form at this link:


(To search on, look in the upper right-hand corner of the site in your browser where you see the words "Welcome" and "(Log out)". Immediately underneath that small banner is the search box.)
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