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DB Commit in DI jobs

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DB Commit in DI jobs

Hi all,

i have created job using update/insert loader. My source will be from oracle.

After adding DB commit(1000), DI Job status is always in running mode and log is not
generated as the job is not getting ended.

(using smc - data library manager - sas libraries -Mylibrary(right click -options -advanced options - output - 1000)

pls guide me asap
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Re: DB Commit in DI jobs

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Maybe it's best to get help from SAS tech support for these kind of problems.
Meanwhile, you might try to get some help with monitoring the oracle load process, to get a clue about what's going on.
If you have lots of data and performance issues, I suggest that you use bulk-load for your inserts.
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Re: DB Commit in DI jobs

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Where did you add DB commit?

I'm regularly writing DI jobs updating/inserting into Oracle tables and I never set a explicit commit.

I run already into issues when I executed the code via a session (i.e. in the DIS code window). It always worked when I executed the same code in batch (I had so far never the time to investigate why I observed these differences in behaviour between executing code in a session or in batch but it might well be caused by a missing commit).

Looking at the code passed to the DBMS I always assumed that the commit is given implicit after the execute block ends.

If you're having issues then may be autocommit might help you:

Or you could use dbcommit=0 - but read the doku as there are some backdraws with where clauses.

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