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Hi All

I am trying to plot a cusum, but for some reason instead of the data starting and ending at zero. It just starts off at zero but doesnt end no where near zero.

Can anyone help me rectify this?

Thanks Smiley Happy
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Re: Cusum

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Share what SAS code you have today that is not generating the expected output. Reply to your post and COPY/PASTE your SAS log with all code revealed.

Scott Barry
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Re: Cusum

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This is the code that i used:

proc sort data=nov; by meanarea; run;

proc cusum data=nov;
xchart fslope*meanarea = range/vaxis=axis1 haxis = axis2
nolegend nomask npanelpos=9999
mu0 = &mean_area
sigma0 =&sd_area
h=1 delta=0.5

axis1 label=(a=90'Unrounded Slope');
axis2 label=('Mean Area');
title1 h=2.5 'RSCP Data_Cusum Chart';
title2 h=1.5 c=blue 'Slope/Area Ratio Vs Date (25NOV10 Onwards)';

and the log for above code is as follows:

337 proc cusum data=nov;
338 xchart fslope*meanarea = range/vaxis=axis1 haxis = axis2
339 vref=0
340 nolegend nomask npanelpos=9999
341 mu0 = &mean_area
342 sigma0 =&sd_area
343 h=1 delta=0.5
344 totpanels=1;
346 axis1 label=(a=90'Unrounded Slope');
347 axis2 label=('Mean Area');
348 title1 h=2.5 'RSCP Data_Cusum Chart';
349 title2 h=1.5 c=blue 'Slope/Area Ratio Vs Date (25NOV10 Onwards)';
350 run;

NOTE: Processing beginning for XCHART statement number 1.
WARNING: The NPANELPOS= option is ignored when the TOTPANELS= option is also specified.
WARNING: The horizontal axis may not necessarily conform with the HAXIS= list since
TOTPANELS= has also been specified.
WARNING: ANGLE= and/or ROTATE= values specified for a vertical axis label cannot be applied.
NOTE: TYPE=STANDARD is assumed since MU0= and SIGMA0= were specified.
NOTE: K = abs(DELTA/2) is assumed.
NOTE: There were 349 observations read from the data set WORK.NOV.
NOTE: At least one W.D format was too small for the number to be printed. The decimal may be
shifted by the "BEST" format.
NOTE: PROCEDURE CUSUM used (Total process time):
real time 0.07 seconds
cpu time 0.04 seconds

351 quit;
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Re: Cusum

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Hi All

Please ignore the whole post. I just got the cusum working the way i wanted. But don't know how to delete the post

Thank you
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