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Creating a table using Proc tabulate?

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Creating a table using Proc tabulate?

Hi SAS Forum,

Could anyone help me to create the below table using the attached SAS data set?

prev_arrerasData60 - 90CurrentNot ExiNPNAGrand Total
1 - 30Count of Account_number1 1
Sum of prev_bal900 900
Sum of cur_bal800 800
60 - 90Count of Account_number 1 1
Sum of prev_bal 800 800
Sum of cur_bal
90 +Count of Account_number 1 1
Sum of prev_bal 3000 3000
Sum of cur_bal
CurrentCount of Account_number 11 2
Sum of prev_bal 999666 1665
Sum of cur_bal 666 666
Not ExiCount of Account_number 22
Sum of prev_bal
Sum of cur_bal 4545
NPNACount of Account_number 213
Sum of prev_bal 522577
Sum of cur_bal 3232
Total Count of Account_number115310
Total Sum of prev_bal9009994518256442
Total Sum of cur_bal800666 771543

Actually I have generated this table using Excel Pivot approach.

However, my original dataset that I have created using SAS has more than 300, 000 records, and our Excel 2003 cannot handle it to create a pivot table. 

I have to present this table tomorrow morning meeting and I cannot so far make a try even.

I really appreciate your help.



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Re: Creating a table using Proc tabulate?

Data set is empty.

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