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Creating a library

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Creating a library

I have a set of excel files which have around 10 sheets in them. I have to import all of these in SAS Enterprise Guide which becomes very time consuming and tedious at times. 


I'm sure there is way to do this using code without importing everyfile. 


I tried defining a library using the statement on SAS 9.3,


libname xyz EXCEL PATH = 'W:\Desktop\Probablistic Load Forecasting\Week5\Trial_Holiday_Effect\2004.xlsx' 

also I tried

libname xyz  'W:\Desktop\Probablistic Load Forecasting\Week5\Trial_Holiday_Effect\2004.xlsx' 


I get error:

ERROR: Library XYZ is not in a valid format for access method RANDOM.
ERROR: Error in the LIBNAME statement.


Kindly help me out 


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Re: Creating a library

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Please try

libname xyz xlsx 'W:\Desktop\Probablistic Load Forecasting\Week5\Trial_Holiday_Effect\2004.xlsx'
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Re: Creating a library

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Not Working. Same error. 

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Re: Creating a library

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Creating an EXCEL library requires the SAS product SAS/ACCESS to PC Files. Look in Properties of your EG SAS Server List under SASApp or similar and check if you have this product.

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