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Create schedule in code

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Create schedule in code

i need to create schedule in the code ,such that everyday,it should take the current date and run for that date.

I need the program or the code to create the schedule

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Re: Create schedule in code

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on *nix:
1) Create sh script with sas program invoke (RTM - sysin)
2) Use CRON as schedule tool

on Windows
1) Create bat script...
2) Use Windows Schedule Manager to run bat files.
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Re: Create schedule in code

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u can do scheduling by shedule task manager .First write your code in sas and save it.Then copy that path in text and copy the path of your sas.exe in to that text.

First give your sas.exe path then add "path" -sysin then your code path " path"
then save that text in bat extension.

"C:\Program Files\SAS\SAS 9.1\sas.exe" -sysin "C:\Documents\"
it will be like this.

Go to shedular task give the .bat path then give shceduling it will run.
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Re: Create schedule in code

The SAS support website has this type of topic-related DOC and supplemental technical and conference reference material. Here is a useful Google advanced search argument to use to search for the subject:

using windows task scheduler

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