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Hi everyone!

Starting to learn SAS today.  I have downloaded a uni edition, running from a VM.  I have found this link through a training video and have tried to set it up.  I drag/drop the .sas file into a new program window, then I try to edit the libname/infile to my specific file destination.  I am receiving errors and have not been able to locate a fix.  Since my comp is running sas through vm and not windows, would this create a problem when following the directions?  Also, I have no menu/tools/file bar on my edition, is this common? 


Substitute the folder of your choice in the

libname statement that follows


libname learn 'C:\Learn';  <--- From what I understand, I need to change this?


You also need to modify any INFILE statements that

point to external text files.  One easy way to do

this is to search for:

c:\books\learning  <---And this?

and replace it with the folder where you have stored your

text files.


Sorry for the juvenile problem but I have spent nearly two hours researching this problem with no success.  May need my hand help.

Thank you!

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Yes, look up the FAQ on setting up shared folders and assigning libraries in SAS University Edition. It's been a question that's been asked on this forum many times....

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