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Create a customized output table

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Create a customized output table


I want to make an output of one table, on one page, a matrix of 6 columns, where the first 5 columns are names and data, and the final column contains a speedometer chart which is based on data from the first 5 columns.

this will be repeated across all rows.

i am new at SAS programing concerning the building of such mix report/graphs,

please advice what can kind of procedures do i need? and how can i automate the plot of graphs accross rows?


COL1     2    3    4      5                                         6

MR X     4    1   10    20    "Speedometer(actual=4, bounds=(1 10 20))"


Thank you


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Re: Create a customized output table

I think you should post in the Graphics forum you should get some expert help there.

In the mean time you can start by looking at PROC GKPI

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