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Create Library in SMC but with code

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Create Library in SMC but with code


I must create 70 Teradata Library with SMC, this imply 70 logic folder, 70 connection,  70 authentication domain add 70 teradata user in SAS group connection , domain).

This work is too long ,  is possible make it whit SAS code?


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Re: Create Library in SMC but with code

Last time I checked, SMC does not provide a coding interface for creating/registering metadata library, the following link give you an example of doing what you need using EG or Base SAS, 

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Re: Create Library in SMC but with code

I've never used Teradata, but I'm surprised you need 70 metadata folders, 70 connections and 70 authentication domains. It is considered good practice to put database connections into one metadata folder unless your security model requires more restrictions. Also if you are using only one Teradata server, wouldn't you just create one connection to that? And you should normally only need one authentication domain for all libraries.  

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