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Count variable

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Count variable


I have this dataset:

year     firm     industry     value          status

2000      a          I               8                    A

2000     b          II               1                    A  

2001     a          I                7                    A

2001     a          I                0                    N

2001     b          II               6                    A

2002     a          I                5                    A

2003     b          II               2                    A

2003     c          III               9                    A

2003     d          III               0                    N

I need to do these steps:

1. create a variable status= A(for value greater than 0) and N otherwise. I have done that above

2. need to delete if a firm appears twice in any year, preferably retain the firm observation with the positive value.

3.For each industry each year, I need to count the number of firms that have a positive value(count=A) and the total number of firms.

I am getting stuck on the 2nd step.

For the 3rd step, this is the code I wrote:

data ratio1;

set ratio;



If first.status='A' then Acount=1;

If first.status='N' then Ncount=1;

by year industry_new;


But these codes are not working. The error message that comes is: ERROR: BY variables are not properly sorted on data set

Would appreciate help.


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Re: Count variable

Hi Try this ,

data test;

input year firm :$ industry :$ value;

if value>0 then Status='A' ;else Status='N';


2000 a I 8

2000 b II 1

2001 a I 7

2001 a I 0

2001 b II 6

2002 a I 5

2002 a I 0

2002 b II 5

2003 b II 2

2003 c III 9

2003 d III 0


proc sql;

/*query3:gives count of firms per year*/

select year,count(*) as count_firm

from (

  /* query2:gives count of firms per year per industry wise having status ='A' */

   select year,firm,industry,status,count(*) as A_firms



  /* query1 start: gives solution to your point2*/

  select distinct year,firm,industry,value,status

    from test group by year,firm having value=max(value)

  /*query1 ends*/


  where status='A' group by year,industry

  /*query2 ends*/


group by year;

/*query3 ends*/


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Re: Count variable

Hi Namrata,

Please check the below code

proc sql;

/*need to delete if a firm appears twice in any year, preferably retain the firm observation with the positive value.*/

create table status as select distinct year,firm,industry, status, count(status) as count from test where status='A' and value > 0 group by year,firm,industry;

/*.For each industry each year, I need to count the number of firms that have a positive value(count=A) and the total number of firms.*/

create table count as select distinct status,year,industry,firm,count(status) as count_status,count(firm) as count_firm from status group by year,industry;


The dataset count has the desired output. if i understood your requirement correctly you are expecting the below output. could you please check and let me know if this is not the desired output.



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Re: Count variable

Posted in reply to Jagadishkatam


Thank you for your suggestion.

I need the output slightly different. I need two count variables

- the first count variable contains the number of firms per industry. Each indsutry row will contain the total number of firms in that industry.

- the second count variable contains the number of firms with positive value per industry. Each industry row will contain the number of firms with positive values in that industry.

I need these two count variables so as to construct a ratio of # of positives divided by the total #.

Using Pradeep's code, I have been able to construct the first variable and now, am trying to do the second.

As far as retaining the firm with positive values each year, to avoid duplicate firms each year, I do not think that should be a problem, I had a look at the dataset.



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Re: Count variable


This should do what you want: For reference I nested the creation of the sum variables in the joins in testb, but this could just as easily be done in two separate tables and then joined in, in the same manner. I maxed the values in testa bc you only wanted the best value for duplicates. Hope this helps.

proc sql;

create table testa as

select distinct year, firm, industry, (max(value)) as value, (case when (max(value)) >0 then 'A' else 'N' end) as status

from test

group by year, firm, industry;

create table testb as

select distinct a.*, b.acount, c.numfirm

from testa a     left join (select distinct year, firm, industry, (sum(case when status = 'A' then 1 else 0 end)) as acount

from testa group by year, firm, industry) b on (a.year=b.year and a.firm=b.firm and a.industry=b.industry)

                left join (select distinct year, count(firm) as numfirm, industry

from testa group by year, industry) c on (a.year=c.year and a.industry=c.industry);


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Re: Count variable

Thank you, overmar.

I was still working on earlier codes and I think I got the desired output.

I had to use the sum() statement. That worked!

Thank you, everyone.

As always, this forum is a blessing for SAS newbies Smiley Happy

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