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Connecting to OSI PI System?

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Connecting to OSI PI System?

Hi community,   Does anyone know away to connect to OSI PI?

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Re: Connecting to OSI PI System?

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Hi, BJ

I'm the  newest of the new with regards to OSI PI, I didn't even know it existed until I saw your post.

I took a look at their website, and it looks like you have a couple of options. I think the best is from the datasheet for the "PI Data Access" product, which states:


SQL Data Access Tools expose the

PI System as a relational database

– with tables and relationships –

and make it accessible through

SQL queries. The PI Data Access

SQL tools support the three major

relational database standards


This allows you to integrate your

PI System data with external systems

and facilitates the development of

custom applications."

The SAS/Access suite of products can easily access both OLE DB and ODBC data sources, so this would be my first choice.

Another option is as a web service. Again, the "PI Data Access" sheet says:

"PI Web Services™ exposes

PI System data to Web Service client

applications based on the Simple

Object Access Protocol (SOAP).

This is ideal for systems integration/

orchestration scenarios and the

development of custom web and

mobile applications."

and SAS can consume web services. However, I assume you want to use SAS as a data analysis tools, which implies significant volume. If I'm after a large volume of data I feel that an ODBC-type connection will produce orders-of-magnitude better performance than a web service.

Good luck, let us know how it turns out!


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