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Connect to Oracle database

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Connect to Oracle database

I am getting the following:

15 proc sql;
16 connect to odbc (user=lidf6pf password=XXXXXXXX dsn=SharePlex_SPICIS);
ERROR: CLI error trying to establish connection: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source
name not found and no default driver specified
NOTE: PROC SQL set option NOEXEC and will continue to check the syntax of statements.

This used to work. Apparently it doesn't like SharePlex_SPICIS
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Re: Connect to Oracle database

There are a number of "moving parts" here that may have been changed.

1) the tnsnames.ora file may have been changed. That is usually maintained by your Oracle admins and has the detail linkage for the database.
2) Something may have happened to your ODBC driver on your PC. You can test that (in XP), but going through Control Panel --> administrative tools --> ODBC.

You may well need your IT support folk to help untangle this. I usually do(!).

Doc Muhlbaier
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Re: Connect to Oracle database

Doc@Duke is right.
It looks like You did not setup Oracle in your PC and also not config a dsn in ODBC.
It is the best friend to search it in or chech documentation about this.

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