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Conceptual SAS Problem

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Conceptual SAS Problem

I have data on 2 different colleges as well as the majors and the number of students at each major. I want to be able to answer three questions:

1. What is the most popular major at the first college?

2. What is the most popular college at the other college?

3. How many Art majors does each college have?

My SAS question is how many variables would my dataset need to have? My other real question is what would the variables values take?

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Re: Conceptual SAS Problem

Three columns:

College (the name of the college)

Major (the name of the major)

nbStudents (the number of students enrolled in that major at that college)

with these, you can answer your questions.


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Re: Conceptual SAS Problem


college major1 major1_num_students major2 major2_num_students etc....

But answer is probably better Smiley Happy

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