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%Choiceff Macro and Restricted Designs

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%Choiceff Macro and Restricted Designs


I am trying to create an efficient, orthogonal design using the %mktex suite and %choiceff.

Basically, I want to create a conjoint instrument with two columns, one of which I want to always restrict the value of one of the variables.


Option A: color=red, cost=$50, size=16", etc.
Option B: color=blue, cost=$100, size=18", etc.

I want Option A to always have cost=$50, with all the other variables varying according to orthogonal design. I also want Option B to always have cost > $50, with all other variables varying according to orthogonal design.

How would I write the code to impose this restriction on the final conjoint design?

Any help is much appreciated.
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Re: %Choiceff Macro and Restricted Designs

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you need:

%macro restrict = bad=() put between the brackets what you don't want


, seed=
..,restrictions=restrict) ;

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