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Case Sensitivity with "Like" in Proc SQL

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Case Sensitivity with "Like" in Proc SQL

I ran into a situation where I wasn't getting the expected reults in a Proc SQL query. The line on my select statement was: "sum(case when LIKE '%stove%' then 1 else 0 end) as TotalCount. I wasn't getting the correct results and discovered that the LIKE function is case-sensitive, causing the problem. However, I also discovered if I change the above line to "count(*) as TotalCount" and then use the like statement in the left join line: "LEFT JOIN table on = and LIKE '%stove%' ", it isn't case-sensitive.

1st question, is there a way to make the LIKE function case-insenstive all the time? 2nd question, does anyone know why it would be case-sensitive in certain situations and not in others?
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Re: Case Sensitivity with "Like" in Proc SQL


Using the following statement will probably fit with your needs:

sum(case when upcase( LIKE '%STOVE%' then 1 else 0 end) as TotalCount

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