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Carraige return issues with .txt output

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Carraige return issues with .txt output

Data test(keep=dept  hire_dt  company  department);

Set test2;


Data _Null_;

  Set test2;

    File "/xxs11/xx/sascode/xx/out/xx_&pbus_1._&Out_NAME..txt"

        LINESIZE=8000 dsd dlm='|';

          PUT &Final_VARS ;


produces a txt file like this


problem is I am getting carraige return issues


The output is supposed to stop and jump to the next line adter department

How can I adjust the code in data_null to address this.  I have heard of @@  and missover

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Re: Carraige return issues with .txt output

Program looks fine. As it did run on Unix you have probably downloaded it. Download is ascii not binary (there should be an option for that).
In binary mode it will define records as "lf" in ascii mode as "cr lf". Notepad wordpad do not recognize the "lf"convention. notepad++ ia able to help you and inform about used conventions. 

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Re: Carraige return issues with .txt output

what is the value of macro variable &Final_VARS?

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