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Can't run query

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Can't run query

Not sure if this is the right spot for this item, but....

I'm trying to run a query from within Web Report Studio, but keep getting the following error message: "Error rendering the report". I've submitted the problem to tech support, but haven't heard from them for several days.

Has anyone encountered this kind of problem before? If you have, what did you do to resolve the issue? Incidentally, we are running from three servers, and not from our desktops.

Thank you.
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Re: Can't run query

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When you say "running a query", I'm not sure what you mean. You can use an Information Map to access a data source and design a report in WRS (and, yes, there is a query behind the info map) OR you can execute a stored process in WRS that could have a query inside the SP. So, the way that you're "running a query" becomes important here.

Generally, if you're using an Information Map, inside the confines of a report designed in WRS, I would not expect rendering errors -- because your choices in report design are only those choices that CAN be rendered using the SASReport XML model.

So, I'm wondering whether you have a Stored Process that is not rendering correctly or is generating this rendering error when you execute the SP from within WRS. My question would be (if it is indeed an SP that is giving you the error message): Does this SP work in other client applications. If the application fails in WRS, but then runs in EG successfully, then I would say that there is something in your code that is incompatible with the WRS SASReport XML rendering model.

If you are having rendering problems with a report (either SP or Info Map based) that was previously working in WRS, then there are other possibilities for causes of this error.

When I go to and enter this string
Error rendering report WRS

into the search box. The first 5 hits have this exact error message. So, apparently, there are scenarios that can cause this error message that fall outside of the scenario I described above (which is only 1 of the hits).

I think pursuing this issue with Tech Support still is the the right direction for your question.


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Re: Can't run query

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Thanks for your reply, Cynthia,

I agree that this should be better handled by tech support, however, we haven't heard anything from tech support for several days, which is why I worote to the forum instead.

We'll keep pushing the issue, but in the meanwhile, our users are starting to complain a bit louder as each day goes by.
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