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Can MIANALYZER handle repeated measures from GLM?

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Can MIANALYZER handle repeated measures from GLM?

MIANALYZER does not recognize ODS files from GLM that carry information relevant to the REPEATED option (e.g., RepeatedLevelInfo, HypothesisSSCP). Thus, the following will not produce an estimate for the effect of the repeated measures factor MEALS. Does anyone know of a workaround to estimate the MEAL effect using the imputed data sets? Thanks very much, Wilson.

proc glm data=sasuser.compimp;
model glucoseB30_1 glucoseB30_2
glucoseB30_3 glucoseB30_4
glucoseB30_5 glucoseB30_6 = /intercept inverse;
repeated MEALS 6 /printh;
by _Imputation_;
ods output parameterestimates=mealybugs InvXPX=moremealys ;

proc mianalyze parms=mealybugs xpxi=moremealys ;
modeleffects MEALS intercept;
if MEALS is omitted from the modeleffects statement, INTERCEPT is tested, otherwise the run bombs with an error about not finding MEALS.
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