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Browsing Folders on File Systems

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Browsing Folders on File Systems

Hi All,

I am new to SAS.

I was wondering if browsing folders on filesystem(On windows platform) is possible using SAS script within a SAS program. If yes, Can someone please guide me through this?

Any help much appreciated.

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Re: Browsing Folders on File Systems

Browse? Scan maybe, from within a SAS program to identify candidate files for processing with a subsequent DATA step, depending on your SAS program requirements.

Suggest exploring the FILENAME statement and the PIPE engine for interacting with the OS. You will find technical and conference topic-related papers at the SAS Support website, using the website's SEARCH facility, as well as the SAS-hosted documentation, also available at the website (as well as online in SAS). With SAS, there is a "companion guide" for each operating system, which will keep the subject matter relevant to a given operating system platform.

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Re: Browsing Folders on File Systems

Thanks Scott for immediate reply!

I will refer to the links that you've pointed to.

I wanted to check with you something else too. How do we pass command line arguments to a SAS program and read the arguments in the SAS program?

Thanks & Regards,
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