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Brand New SAS Student

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Brand New SAS Student

Thanks! Do you guys offer private one-on-one SAS instruction online?

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Re: Brand New SAS Student


libname new 'C:\Users\Danny\Documents\My SAS Files\9.3'; /* new is the library name assigned to the folder where you have placed your file */

data question03;         /* Temporary sas file */                                                                                                            
set new.question03;  /* reference to the permanent sas datset question03 */

proc print data=question03;                                                                                                          

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Re: Brand New SAS Student

You don't need to "import" or read in a native sas file. You need to be able to reference it.

To do that you have to specify the location of the folder using a libname and then you can print it from there.

I'd recommend saving the files to something that makes sense to organize each project rather than the Documents section.

libname temp "C:\Users\Danny\Documents\My SAS Files\9.3\";

proc print temp.question03;


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Re: Brand New SAS Student

I would suggest getting a copy of Little SAS Primer as if you have been in a SAS environment for weeks and no one has discussed library other concepts you may want some additional help.

Also the online SAS help has a section on Learning to Use SAS that may be beneficial to review as there are many program examples.

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