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Best practice for full backup

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Best practice for full backup


I lightly manage a SAS 9.1.3 SP4 Server on Windows Server 2003. I had to backup it and I want to do it by scripts.

As I want to perform a full backup of the non-system partition containing SAS folders, I plan to :
- stop SAS/other services (to avoid modifications or even connections),
- backup the partition,
- start needed services.

Unfortunately, I don't know exactly which services have to be stop... I think "SAS Lev1 MS - EGServers" and "SAS Lev1 OB - EGServers" are both of them because there are the only SAS services. But is there others ?

Thanks for your answers.
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Re: Best practice for full backup

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We don't stop the services, we just do the backup. The odds of our finding a time with no SAS job running is virtually 0, so we decided the cost of not getting every data set every time was less than the cost of unhappy users.

We run daily incremental backups and weekly full backups (of everything on the server), so we generally get data sets backed up as soon as the user is done with it.

Our environment sounds bigger than yours, but we've been doing it this way since we had just 20 users or so. Users seem to find it a reasonable balance between safety and convenience. The downside for you as a sysadmin is that you may have to look multiple places to find the file to restore.

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