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Assignment variables

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Assignment variables

I have a dataset;

proc sql;

create table test as

select cat_desc

from test1;


output is


Eastern Region

Western Region



Eastern Region

Western Region


I need to assign an Id to the variables

data have;

input cat_id 1 cat_desc $2-20;


1 Eastern Region

2 Western Region

3 North

4 South



How can I add the cat_id in data have and apply it to  the initial dataset?

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Re: Assignment variables


Can you tell me that in your data 'have' what you have shown in datalines is  your desired output or you want to display regions eg. eastern region by 1?(just for display : Go for Proc Format).

  • IF you have requirement of assigning a variable in proc sql in select you can use Case Expression select(cat_desc) in that use  when 'eastern region' then 1 and make everything like that and end case expression by end as Cat_id in the select clause.
  • Remain other code as it is, in that case you dont even need to create any new data.
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Re: Assignment variables

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For example if proc sql you see cat_desc Eastern Region.  However it has not cat_id.  Now look in data have.  I have replicated the cat_des and have added the cat_id.  I need to assign cat_id to cat_desc so I can use the original proc sql datastep in a program to manipulate the variables

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