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Assigning Oracle Library in SAS 9.2

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Assigning Oracle Library in SAS 9.2

Hi People,

I am trying to assign a oracle library in SAS 9.2 something similar to this

libname mydblib oracle user=u317092 password=*** path='jdbcSmiley Surprisedracle:thin:@JEEPROD1:1526Smiley TongueRD0GIP';

however, my log came up with this error

7522 libname mydblib oracle user=u317092 password=XXXXX
7522! path='jdbcSmiley Surprisedracle:thin:@JEEPROD1:1526Smiley TongueRD0GIP';
ERROR: The ORACLE engine cannot be found.
ERROR: Error in the LIBNAME statement.

does anyone knows how to solve this?

thanks in advance! Cheers.
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Re: Assigning Oracle Library in SAS 9.2

Have you got "SAS/Access to oracle" installed?
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