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Asking about covariance matrix BEKK MGARCH

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Asking about covariance matrix BEKK MGARCH


I am now running a BEKK MGARCH to examine spillovers effect of returns and need to calculate covariance of estimated parameters

Here the code I use:


proc varmax;

nloptions tech=qn maxiter=500 maxfunc=25000;

model r1 r2;

garch q=1 p=1 form=bekk;



Could anyone please advise  me how to estimate covariance matrix of estimated parameters in Sas?

I need this matrix to calculate the variance and significance of nonlinear functions of the parameters which form the coefficients of lagged variance, covariance and error term.

I will really appreciate

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Re: Asking about covariance matrix BEKK MGARCH

You can use the outht option in the proc varmax


proc varmax data=new;
model x y / noint;
garch p=1 q=1 form=bekk outht=cov;


dataset cov will include the variance and covariance matrix

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