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Anova Repeated Mesures - Post Hoc

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Anova Repeated Mesures - Post Hoc

Dear all,

First, thank you for reading,

I know this question has been ask in this forum, but I still dont understand how could I do what I want.

I have 12 sujects in my study, doing a repeated task (12 times).

So I have 12 rows with 12 colum with the performance on the task, the 12 times.

I would like to run an Anova with repeated mesure and then, doing a Post Hoc Tukeys.

So, I go to fit model, chose Manova method and run my repeated mesure.

Ok, It's significant !

Know, how could I run a post hoc to know, which repetition are different from this other ?

Thank you,


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Re: Anova Repeated Mesures - Post Hoc

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Before you start testing, you need to ask, in the clearest terms, what is the objective of the experiment?  Is the objective captured in the design?  From this description, I can think of several approaches, only one of which would use a multivariate analysis of variance as an analytic tool.  Please let us know what you are trying to do in this study.

Steve Denham

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