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An amateur question- Overdispersion error message

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An amateur question- Overdispersion error message

I thought that I was going to test my logit model for overdispersion, and tried to estimate the williams parameter. I got this message:

Overdispersion is not possible for data with a single trial for each binomial experiment.
The Williams method for modelling overdispersion cannot be performed.

I am indeed modeling Y = (0 or 1) so I have r = (0 or 1 ) and 1 observation per individual per event so I assume n = 1 giving me a model statement MODEL R/N = X;

So is it true, in such a case with a dichotomous dependent variable I don't have to worry about over dispersion?

( I tried to test for overdispersion just with MODEL Y = X, but it would not let me specify the SCALE =WILLIAMS statement in this form.

So am I testing for something that is not a potential problem?
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