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Advance SAS Certification

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Advance SAS Certification

I am planning for Advance SAS Certifictaion, Can somebody guide me on how to prepare and level of the question in exam? also suggest me any material.

As of now i am going through Adv SAS perp guide



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Advance SAS Certification

Concentrate on the macro language and the use of SQL.  The prep guide does a good job of indicating the topics of interest.

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Advance SAS Certification

Thanks a lot for your advice Artc!!!

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Re: Advance SAS Certification

My suggestion (before forking out for guides, training, etc): Each Certification recommends specific training courses (and if training is your thing and you want to pay for it, then excellent. I'm also a SAS trainer, by the way.) Base Certification recommends knowledge equivalent to the Prog1 & Prog2 training courses; Advanced Certification recommends Prog3, Macro & SQL.

However, training is not a pre-requisite; you could learn your own way. So look at the agendas for each training course; some of it you will know already, other stuff you will have to go & learn and/or practice, or buy the Prep Guide, or do a training course. But at least it serves as a list of what you need to know in order to pass certification.

Good luck!

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