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A weird problem.

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A weird problem.

Hi Guys,

I have encountered a weird problem in SAS Data Integration Studio.

For instance.

I do an extract transformation to extract a subset of the source table and this is loaded to a temporary table.

Whenever, I change something to the job, my extract transformation will extract all the data columns on top of the the selected columns I have choosen. Then I need to delete the unwanted columns away manually.

Is there a way to solve this problem? I personally find it weird because it is also tedious to do that everytime i made a change to the job.

Can someone help me?


Yours Sincerely,
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Re: A weird problem.

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In DI Studio 3.4: right click on the transform, and un-check Automap.
In SAS 9.2 (DI Studio 4.2) there is a more intelligent handling of this feature.

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