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Juletip #1 - Easy generating nice Excel Sheets

Hello everybody


Welcome back to the SAS Juletip Advent Calendar - Hurray Smiley Wink


As old friends of Juletip already knows, we will post a small SAS tip each working day during December containing different Tips & Tricks using different parts of The SAS Platform.


The 70 Juletip we already have posted the previous years can all be found here in Santas big Bag. 


Education and gaining new knowledge is always important and the Juletip is a informal way of acquiring new skills. 

Perhaps you have read my Blogs about staying relevant and how to learn?


As always we encourage you to be active in the SAS Community - Please like tips you find useful, and comment if you have additional tips and ask questions if you need more info - everybody can pitch in with comments and answers, 



Gert Nissen



Juletip #1 - Easy generating nice Excel Sheets


This tip is from a Blog by Chevell Parker and is a very good introduction to the ODS Excel Destination which generates native Microsoft Excel formatted files. This small tip is to inspire to start using the ODS Excel Destination (SAS 9.4M3) instead of Older Destinations (for example, the MSOffice2K or the ExcelXP tagsets). You will find much more info in the SAS Blogs about ODS Excel.


Just copy/paste the code below and try to run it on your SAS environment (perhaps you will need to change the path) or just have a look at the attached screen shot.



ods excel file="c:\temp.xlsx" options(start_at="3,3"
sheet_name="Sales Report"
proc print data=sashelp.orsales; 
title "Sales Report for the Year 1999";
ods excel close;


More Info:



If you have read my Blog, you will see that SAS has many different offerings for learning, like: Ask The Expert, Papers etc. I have compiled an small overview here.


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Re: Juletip #1 - Easy generating nice Excel Sheets
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