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BASE SAS: Proc gmap subgroup ved area and block

I'm looking for a way to integreate the possibility for controlling color and size of the border lines in proc gmap with combined area and block (se below). Annotation with poly/polycont as described in difference whitepapers give error when use of block and there is no options to control outlines in area statement. The reason is, that I want to illustrate two results for different populations on a subgroup. If you only show one result you can annotate the borders in choro statement and let the bordercolors illustrate the subgroup. I'm looking for at way to compine the border annotation in choro with area/block. Do someone have an idea.

proc gmap data=analysevis map=mapout annotate=annolegend all;

id boligtype navn afd;

area b_gnsb / midpoints=(1 to 6) missing nolegend; * error if annotate ni area;

block a_gnsb / midpoints=(1 to 6) cempty=black coutline=grey legend=legend1 BLOCKSIZE=1 WOUTLINE=1 /*annotate=annoborder doesnt work with block statement*/


format a_gnsb b_gnsb borger.;