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27 July 2017 - What's new in SAS® Intelligent Advertising for Publishers

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27 July 2017 - What's new in SAS® Intelligent Advertising for Publishers

What's new for 27 July 2017

  • Added code snippets as a new type of asset. Code snippets are user-defined sections of code that are appended to ad responses. Typically, these snippets would be 3rd party beacons but can consist of any text or code. By default, a code snippet will deliver with all ad responses (excluding TSERVER requests). Snippets can be targeted so that they only serve to responses matching the applied targeting. Code snippets are accessed under the Assets tab.
  • Ad requests (excluding DSERVER) that contain a DURATION key/value pair will now only match creatives that contain the exact duration specified. Previously, creatives with durations less than or equal to the value specified in the ad request were considered for serving.

What's coming up in the next release

  • Some line item fields that were missing have been added to the Flight Conversion Fields setting on the Sales -> Settings page.
  • Placements can now have a parent placement specified making it a subplacement. This is typically used when a placement needs to include different channels (display, video, or app), targets, or floor prices.
  • Device tag values for a visitor are refreshed if the visitor's user agent string changes in an active session.
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