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Problem with creating Excel library

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Problem with creating Excel library

Hi I m getting error while creating library using excel engine.

I am  using SAS 9.3

my code

libname abc Excel "c:\anuj\test.xls";

ERROR: Connect: Class not registered

ERROR: Error in the LIBNAME statement.

i have install both file from link:


problem still has not been resolved.

Kindly suggest

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Re: Problem with creating Excel library

Looks like the typical bitness problem. Try using the PC Files Server.

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Re: Problem with creating Excel library

While you have installed the PC File Server you are not using the correct LIBNAME to use it as described in this link:

43802 - Installing SAS® 9.3 PC Files Server and using it to convert 32-bit Microsoft Office files to...

For example: libname test pcfiles path='drive:\yourdirectory\yourfile.xls' server='yourserver' port=9621;

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Re: Problem with creating Excel library

Priviously i was using 9.2 where simple i run my codes with using -libname xyz EXCEL "Path" now i m using 9.3 and getting error please suggest

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