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Welcome to the SAS/IML and SAS/IML Studio Forum!

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Welcome to the SAS/IML and SAS/IML Studio Forum!

This is a new forum designed to serve users of SAS/IML and SAS/IML Studio ( formerly known as Stat Studio). We hope you will use this forum to interact with other users, posing questions and contributing your opinions about programming features and best programming practices.

For those who may not be familiar with it, SAS/IML features PROC IML, which is an interactive proc that provides a mathematical programming language. the IML language uses matrices as the basic data type for all mathematical operations, and also provides a programming interface to manipulate data in data sets and files. It has many built-in statistical and mathematical functions designed to facilitate advanced analytics.

SAS/IML Studio provides a new program development environment for SAS/IML, and it implements the IMLPlus language, which extends the basic IML language with the addition of new interactive and exploratory graphics, a new object-oriented syntax, and the ability to directly incorporate your own Java objects and C++ and FORTRAN functions into your program. Another exciting new feature of IML Studio is the new R interface, which allows you to run R programs from inside IML and pass data between the R and SAS environments. The R interface will be available in the SAS/IML Studio release this summer.

Please feel free to share your experiences, to post questions or suggestions, and to interact with fellow SAS/IML and IML Studio users. Although this forum is intended mainly for user-to-user interactions, it will be monitored by the IML development team, and we will contribute when needed. If you have a problem requiring immediate answers you should contact SAS Technical Support. Good luck with your IML programming and we look forward to hearing from you in this forum.
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